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Love soaking in the tub, but hate the cleanup? Try Tub Tea! This bath soak is neatly contained in a real tea bag (not for drinking!) and the soak slowly dissolves through the tea bag. Once the soaking salts is completely dissolved, just toss the used tea bag in the trash. Both Tub Tea scents contain organic flowers for optimal scent. 


Sleepy Tub Tea- Scented with organic lavender flowers and lavender essential oil to help you drift off into a peaceful night's sleep.


Petal Tub Tea- Pink Himalayan salt for a peaceful soak and relaxation. This Tub Tea is scented with bergamot and other citrus essential oils. 

Tub Tea

  • Sleepy Tub Tea: Epsom Salt, Organic Lavender Flowers, Essential Oil.


    Petal Tub Tea: Pink Himalayan Salt, Organic Rose Petals, Corn Starch, Essential Oil.